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Q : Do you have the vegetarian foods? What are vegetarian options?

A : Yes we do. We can cook the vegetarian foods 100% (No garlic, no egg, no fish sauce and no oyster sauce) Or you can pick tofu instead of meat but still have egg, garlic. Vegetarian menus are marked with the VG icon in the menu.


Q : Is there the vegans options?(No meats, No egg, Cheese, Milk)

A : We have many vegans menus available such as Sautéed & Grilled, Fried Rice (without egg), Pan-fried noodle (without egg) and Oriental Bean with tofu, etc. Vegan menus are marked with the V icon in the menu.


Q : Do you have gluten-free options?

A : Yes, we do gluten free options for Curries, Sautéed and Grilled, Pan-Fried Noodle and Fried Rice. 

Q : What kind of fish do you cook on the curries?

A : We use Basa fillet


Q : What kind of fish for the Knock out fish, Steam Fish with lime sauce and Deep Fried Whole Fish?

A :  Whole Tilapia 


Q : Is there the bone on the Garlic Tilapia?

A : No bone. We use fish fillet.


Q : How much spicy are the food?

A : Most of the spicy menus you can pick one of 4 spicy levels ...Mild, Medium, Hot and Extra Hot.


Q : Can you cook the non-spicy dishes as well?

A : Many Thai dishes call for very hot spices. Especially spicy dishes are marked as such on our menu. Although most of the menus can be de-spiced. You can just let us know the level of spicy that you prefer.

Allergic Foods and Drink

Q : I have peanut allergy? (Peanut and Cashew Nut)

A : You can just let us know or put it in special requests (if you order online). We can exclude the peanut and cashew nut from the dish as your request. 

You can order Pineapple Fried Rice (no cashew nut), Chicken Satay (no peanut sauce), Pad-Thai (no peanut) or Papaya salad (no peanut). With the exception of Praram Peanut which has peanut as main ingredient. 


Q : What about other food allergies?

A : Please let us know if you have any allergy so we can adjust the ingredient accordingly.

Food Portion

Q : How many pieces for appetizers? 

A : Roti (small 12 pieces),  Veggie Rolls (5 pieces), Cream Cheese Wontons (8 pieces), Chicken Satay (4 sticks) , Healthy Fresh Rolls (8 pieces), Shrimp Rolls (6-7 pieces), Coconut Shrimp (6-7 pieces), Fish Cake (5-6 pieces), Crispy Wings (7-8 pieces), Spicy Wings (7-8 pieces)


Q : Soup size for the people?

A : If you have soup with rice. A bowl is for 2-3 people, a pot is for 4 people.


Q : Is the coconut juice fresh?

A : It’s coconut water served in glass with ice not a whole coconut shell. Our coconut juice is 100% natural with pulp.


Q: Is there a corkage fee when bringing customer’s own wine?

A : Yes, there is $12 fee/Bottle.*

Personal party or Catering


Q : Does CoCurry host private event?

A : We do catering and serve the buffet for the private event.*


Q : How many head count for the private event?

A : Up to 40 - 50 people.*


Q : How can we make a reservation for the private event?

A : We accept serrations for event or private party, please email us at or call us at 510-946-9100, 510-797-8911.*


Q : Do we need to pay for deposit for private event?

A : Yes, we require 50% deposit.*


Q : Is CoCurry handicap accessible?

A : Yes.*


Q : Does CoCurry have the catering?

A : We do catering.  Please see the catering menu and prices on the ‘Catering Menu’ page*


Q : How can I make a reservation?

A : You can call us at 510-946-9100, 510-797-8911 in advance.*

About us


Q : Has CoCurry Thai Cuisine changed the owner?

A : Yes. CoCurry Thai Cuisine have changed the owner since August 2018.


Q : Where is CoCurry Thai Cuisine’s location?

A : Located on 6180 Jarvis Avenue, Suite A, Newark, CA 94560 (Across the road of Sprout)


Q : Is takeaway menu available? 

A : Yes it’s available.


Q : Do you deliver the food?

A : We do the deliver through Doordash.


Q : What is CoCurry Thai Cuisine opening hours?

A : Open for takeout as follows

Sun, Tue-Thu 11:30 am - 8:00 pm (break 2:30 pm - 4:59 pm)

Fri-Sat 11:30 am - 9:00 pm (break 2:30 pm - 4:59 pm)


Q : Do you have the online ordering?

A : Yes, we have own online ordering


Q : What’s lunch special?

A : Not available for now. Normally we offer lunch special Mon - Fri.  11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. but currently dine-in is not opening regarding to Stay at Home order.

Remark * During Covid19 Stay at Home order we are not opening for dine-in.

Fequently Asked Questions.

If you have anything else please don't hesitated to chat or call or DM us on FB, IG etc...

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